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Bonneville Salt Flats 2011

Photos and captions courtesy Tom Borcherdt


Sorry about the delay in posting. We got home to NS a week ago, and I just haven't got around to emailing you. I set two records at Bonneville. In APG - 500 (Special build, pushrod, gas, 500cc) I set the record at 117.6 mph, and in APS-PG (Special build, partially streamlined, pushrod, gas, 500cc) I set the record at 118.6 mph. For the partially streamlined class, I am allowed full bodywork which should give me another 10mph, so that is my goal for 2012.

Also, I went to Loring, Maine in July, where I set a record of 117.5 mph, prior to going to Bonneville. Loring, Maine, is only a days drive, even from Yarmouth, and I highly recommend it. It's a blast, and there are very few existing records. Wendel Allen went as well, and ended up with a record in AG-500 of 112 mph, with his ice racing XT-500 Yamaha!

 - Tom Borcherdt

BSA B50 at the Bonneville Salt Flats in September, 2011

One more shot of the B50 at speed on the Salt Flats.

Thumbnails. Click for bigger pictures.

Dennis Manning's (owner of BUB which sponsors the speed trials for motocycles) 1970's record holding Norton

Twin Norton motors

The new Brough Superiors. The British company that builds them brought four of them and raced one on the Salt Flats

One of a few new Triumph Bonnevilles

Several old (or new) Vincents.

"Ole Scrambler", Dennis, built this 200 cc Tiger Cub and set a new record of 82 mph in the APG - 250 class

BSA A10, set a record of about 112mph in the Vintage Gas 650 class, in spite of blowing the cylinder off on an earlier run. Rebuilt it on the Salt and set a new record!