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Motorcycle Chronicles

Roger Gooding's Motorcycling Adventures

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Roger Talks About His Grandson's BSA
        [507 words] [3 photos] [HTML]

Roger Gooding's 1970 Triumph T100C Trophy
        [435 words] [7 photos] [HTML]

1. M/c Chronicles - Introduction - One in the Air and Two on the Ground
        [2683 words] [0 photos] [35kb PDF]

2. M/c Chronicles - “Sweet Sixteen”
    My mid-teens first-hand introduction to some of the hazards of motorcycling and my gratitude to a fine doctor.
        [1103 words] [3 photos] [241kb PDF]

3. M/c Chronicles - “Putting on the Style”
    Coming to grief on my first ‘maiden outing’ on a friend’s motorbike and almost losing my ‘street creds’ - instant cure for ‘showing off’.
        [1099 words] [3 photos] [128 kb PDF]

4. M/c Chronicles - Mods & Rockers - “Only in America”
    A reflective account of the Birth of Rock Music, the rivalry between Mods and Rocker factions in the UK during the sixties era
    and the revival of interest in a new form for this period in the US.
        [2164 words] [15 photos] [470 Kb PDF]

5. M/c Chronicles - Men of Substance - 1
    Memories of two prominent people from the motorcycle world that I was lucky enough to have either met or have touch my own life.
        [2150 words] [8 photos] [274kb PDF]

6. M/c Chronicles - One Cold Rainy Night in 1967
    UK Memories of my 1958 Viper Clubman resurrected by seeing an old friend at a classic bike show in the US.
        [2090 words] [5 photos] [259kb PDF]

7. M/c Chronicles - “Be Careful of What You Wish for - You Just Might Get It”
    An unexpected dream came true during my youth and a remarkable coincidence arises over forty years later 4,000 miles away
    from the first incident. A Vincent story.
        [1878 words] [6 photos] [416kb PDF]

8. M/c Chronicles 4 - Rescued By Hells ‘Guardian’ Angels
    Account of a high speed rear tire blowout that left me marooned and at the mercy of a motorcycle gang who turned out to be angels in disguise.
        [1252 words] [0 photos] [18kb PDF]

9. M/c Chronicles 5 - 1965 - The Year the HRD Engine Blew
    What led up to my having to sell my Vincent HRD, the finest machine I was ever lucky enough to own.
        [2589 words] [0 photos] [28kb PDF]

10. Two on the Ground and One in the Air - Wheels that is. Part 1
    Trials and tribulations of my introduction to Motorcycle Sidecars, or, Outfits, Combinations and Rigs to cite but a few names they are known by.
        [2173 words] [7 photos] [378kb PDF]

11. Two on the Ground and One in the Air - Wheels that is. Part 2
    Discovering Sidecar Racing, a unique and acquired taste of motorcycle racing and some of the most colorful characters in the sport.
        [1778 words] [12 photos] [546kb PDF]

12. M/c Chronicles - Men of Substance - 2 - Needle in a Haystack
    Rebuilding an AJS CSR introduced two more quite eccentric but highly entertaining characters from the classic bike world.
        [2483 words] [1 photo] [132kb PDF]

13. M/c Chronicles - “Old Junky Bike”
    Re-discovering and refurbishing an old but not highly popular BSA British Twin in the US after having lapsed from British motorcycles for over a decade.
        [2825 words] [8 photos] [514kb PDF]

14. Mods & Rockers Event
    Included in #4 – “Only in America” right now - - pending further thought.
        [527 words] [8 photos] [248kb PDF]

15. M/c Chronicles - Triumphs of the Spirit - A Tale of Two Triumphs
    How my wife and grandson secretly conspired to get me back on two wheels and how a father turned 180 degrees and became a ‘born again’ motorcyclist.
        [2093 words] [8 photos] [586kb PDF]

16. M/c Chronicles - Old Junky Bike Retold - Written by Joe Taminski
    A grandson’s viewpoint and young man’s take of a previously told story.
        [2054 words] [6 photos] [645kb PDF]

17. History of Triumph - Rising From the Ashes - Written by Joe Taminski
    A college paper on a Business Management degree course written by then 18 year old grandson.
        [4098 words] [4 photos] [507kb PDF]

My Memories of Mike - Written by By Elizabeth McCarthy
    The Story of Mike "The Bike" Hailwood
        [9203 words] [3 photos] [525kb PDF]