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BCS Sponsored Racer Andrew Cowell

Andrew Cowell
Race Fabricators
2375 Midway Road S.E., Bolivia, NC 28422

Andrew, Cindy and Shorty Cowell, many years ago, now...

Andrew on his Goldstar (2018) Click for a bigger version!

Gingerman Raceway, June 2, 2018 - 4002 Buell XB1200 that Andrew started racing this season.
Click for a bigger version!

Andrew on his Goldstar at Barber 2017

Vintage Superbike Middleweight Moto Guzzi, Pearl Friduss bike

Andrew racing the Pat Fitzgerald Moto Guzzi at Barber 2014

14th Annual Barber Vintage Festival
Thursday, October 4, 2018, 7:00 p.m.
Barber Motorsports Park
6040 Barber Motorsports Parkway, Leeds, AL, United States

The Triumph 500 Daytona

Most notable feature of this bike is the frame, a 1972 Redline manufactured Dirt Track frame. Only four of these frame were made by Redline for the 500 Triumph Daytona and maybe this is the only sample remaining. This adds plenty of character to this bike, making it an unusual piece. Constructed in 1997 by Andrew Cowell, we have campaigned this bike in the 500 Sportsman class with the sponsorship of British Cycle Supply. Within this time we have won six national championships:


as well as multiple regional championships within AHRMA.

Andrew winning on 500 Triumph, October 20, 2007 at Barber

Some specs on the 500 Triumph:

>> Flat track Redline frame - modified for road racing
>> Newby belt drive primary
>> Custom built yokes by Dave Dickerson
>> Barnes rear knock off
>> Grameca four leading shoe brake
>> Modified Cerriani GP forks

>> Rear shocks - Works Performance
>> Tank and seat - fabricated by Race Fabricators

>> Exhaust - two into one by Fox
>> Highly modified crank, flywheel - E & V Engineering, Ed Valiket
>> Highly modified twin plug head, titanium valves, etc, Import Machine/Ed Valiket
>> Pistons, Amal carburetors, copper gaskets, push rods, close ration gearbox, cams, rod seals, Norman Hyde products, K&N filters, oil filters, and much more - all supplied by British Cycle Supply.

750 Rob North 8 Valve Nourish

This 750 Rob North frame originated from DM Engineering in California who received 12 frames from Triumph USA Racing when the program closed it's doors. From DM Engineering a customer names John Lucas ordered one of these frames to be modified to house the Norrish Twin instead of the triple.

From 1986 to present, the bike has been campaigned in the US by various racers including the notable Frank Shockly from South Carolina. I campaigned the bike in 2004 on a limited schedule and won some races. This is an exciting and unusual bike that is light and fast.

Frame: Factory Rob North frame assembled by DM Engineering
Engine: 1972 750 Twin with Nourish 8 valve conversion

Nourish 8 valve head assy:
 - Cylinder assy
 - Pistons
 - Cams
 - Nourish Billet Crank lightened six pounds and balanced by Ed Valiket of E & V Engineering
 - Cosworth Connecting rods
Newby belt drive primary

>> Ignition - Boyer total loss
>> 5 speed close ration gear box
>> 36mm Amal MkII carbs
>> Rob North triple trees with Triumph racing forks - modified by Matthew Wiley Race Tech
>> Rear shocks - Works Performance
>> Triple disc Lockheed racing brake system
>> Factory Rob North gas tank, oil tank, and fairing

Moto Guzzi

Constructed by Manfred Hecht in 1990 under his company name, Raceco Cycles out of Brooklyn NY., using special parts from the Swiss Moto Guzzi race company Transcontinental. Campaigned professionally from 1990-1997 in Battle of Twins AMA and AHRMA and CCS endurance series with many wins and championships, ridden mainly by Pete Johnson and Bobby Griffiths.


    1100cc + Wiseco 96mm pistons
    Carillo rods
    Dual plug heads
    45mm Smooth bore carbs
    Electrex World electronic magneto
    Dyna ignition trigger from crank
    Factory close ratio gear box
    Lightened 12 spring clutch - hydraulic
    Transcontinental Mono Shock, engine timing chest and rear gearbox cover
    Swiss frame builder by Cyril Matti
    Ohlin mono shock
    Marzochi MIR Fork - modified by Matthew Wiley Race Tech
    Marchesini Wheels full floating discs - titanium axles
    Brembo - calipers, radial master cylinder, rotors

Kevlar bodywork pictured above with aluminum endurance tank
Dry weight - 342 lbs
Moto Guzzi parts - supplied by Larry Klein GT Motors

More Photos

Above, Andrew Cowell (left) with team mate and AHRMA road race referee, Will Harding

2005 - Andrew Cowell and Stan Friduss won AHRMA BOT F2 Championship, Guzzi Daytona, at Daytona

>>>> Click here to see a fantastic picture of Andrew on fire at Daytona 2005 <<<<

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