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1968 Wards Mojave with 1972 Triumph Engine

"Project 39-1/2"

Below is a brief note posted to our club, British Motorcycle Club of Central New York. Posted on, in the British Modified/Specials category, is a more detailed history of the build. I want to thank BCS for the parts and especially the advice received. Made this job go a lot easier. Be sure to check out the posting on

Thanks very very much,


Original BMCCNY post follows below:

Hi members,

Probably not all of you know that I've been working on this for 8 years. Starting with a '68 Wards Mojave (made in Italy by Benelli), I fitted a '72 Triumph engine and added wheels and suspension from a Cagiva. That makes the bike 2/3 Italian 1/3 British.

It is finally done and on the road (just in time for winter). It has 40 miles on it and I already have reworked several things and have a list with 5 or 6 more things to re-do. But it runs fine, handles well and when warm will start with one kick.

I wanted to post this first to the club before I post this anywhere else. I will be posting on soon with more details. I hope to post a web page with many more details and photos of the build.

Why is it called Project 39-1/2 you may ask? When I was alot younger I worked for a small auto glass shop. On my lunch hour I was always sandblasting or painting bicycle or motorcycle parts. My boss Hank would come by and always say "What's that? Project 39-1/2?".

Well, I was thinking this is the ultimate Project 39-1/2 and that's what I decided to name it.

Jordan NY