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Andy's 1976 Bonneville

Hey guys, I’ve been seeing the customers bike photos, and I got one for you.

I bought my 1976 Bonneville between my sophomore and junior year in high school brand new for $1895, I got $300 for my Suzuki dirt bike I traded in, so $1595 out of pocket. My Dad helped me pay for it, he had a 1968 Bonneville at the time. I rode the hell out of it until my mechanic (Dad) died in 1990, and it sat in the basement garage until 2014.

I had a guy here in Indiana go thru it and get it road ready, he bored it .020 over, new clutch, pistons, tires, brakes and the old style mufflers, she’s a beauty and sounds fantastic with these pipes. I had the tank repainted in the 80’s. A little more maroon then original and I added some pearl dust into the paint. I think it looks great still today. One owner, she’s 45 years old and I’m 61.

Thanks for keeping the parts available for these dying classics. These new “Triumphs” they sell today just make me ill. (continued below)

Here’s my Dad on his beautiful 68… or 67? I can’t remember. I’d like to find this bike and buy it back. He sold it around 1980 or 81 to someone in Indianapolis.

Me and him rode this to Daytona from Indiana in 72 or 73, I was 13 at the time, We broke a ring in Chattanooga Tn and limped it into Daytona pouring oil in as we went.

10 days in the shop down there to rebuild, had to break it in on the way home…. 45 mph for 500 miles! My butt still hurts