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Anthony's Hesketh at the Bonneville Salt Flats

Hi Mark,

A few pictures of myself at Bonneville in 2012 for my 50th birthday. I managed a couple of runs but eventually melted the pistons at the exhaust valve area due to not enough ignition advance whilst using 120 octane gas!

True to the Bonneville ethos you have to keep trying to overcome the unique conditions there. Every dedicated motorcyclist deserves to himself/herself a visit and run at the hallowed venue. Smooth actions are the game as a powdery layer of salt promotes loss of traction with any abrupt changes, you are rewarded with riding on a perfectly flat surface akin to a billiard table. Great experience, the first and only Hesketh (as far as I know) to have graced the sacred motor mecca. I flew in the year before to get a feel for the place which is advisable but not necessary.

My wife and Kids met me there and we all had t shirts printed up with "The Lemon Tree Project" as our logo in homage to Burt Monroe and Anthony Hopkins where He pee's on the Lemon tree every morning in the movie Burt said it was good for the acidity of the Lemons. I bought a Lemon tree following seeing the movie and frequently did the same to see if Burt was correct but after a couple of years I managed to kill the bloody thing, I guess it didn't like my filtered Stella Artois, draw your own conclusions! so the experiment was aborted. lol.

I've included a recent newsletter from the club I joined and went to their annual event, they are (were) a smaller club which worked out great. There are several clubs and meetings to choose from.

Just go do it!