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1957 Triumph Factory Road Racer

In the fall of 1956, Triumph built in their competition shop 144 T100R engines with 9 to 1 pistons, 3134 cams with R followers, dual carb Delta head with rubber tube mounted 1” GP carbs with large remote floatbowl, racing magneto, and old pattern tach drive. When an order came in for either a road racer (T100RS) or a flat tracker (T100RR) the engines were built into swingarm or rigid frames with appropriate exhaust, oil and fuel tanks, wheels and brakes, fenders, seats and gearbox. Triumph built 78 T100RR and 66 T100RS bikes.

This bike was ordered in December 1956 by Colquhoun Motorcycles, Halifax, NS, and built January 17th and left the factory February 1st. It was sold to Mr. Mike Chu at Shearwater Naval Air Base and he raced it at the first Atlantic Road Races at Scoudouc airport in NB. Four other T100Rs were delivered to Canada of which at least two more were T100RS road racers. One was raced by Mr. Don Haddow to win the 1957 expert championship at Harewood, ON.

The first picture is when the bike was two weeks old by another Canadian Seaman and the second by the same man at the 2016 Paris National Rally after I had rebuilt it.


Fresh from the factory