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Hello there, here is the bike in our new workshop. It looked ok, but not good enough for our standard..... All the bolts at the front of the machine were UNF, but the zink was dull and it did not have GKN stamped on as BSA purchased these brand of bolts back in 1968/1970.

They all had to come out and been replaced by NOS "GKN" bolts bought many years ago in big quantities in Birmingham.

At the back, very curious, somebody had fitted all bolts with UNC coarse thread, of course they are out now and been replaced. It looks as if two different minded people had worked on this bike.

I had of course to take off the Canadian Number plate.............and put it on shelf.

Mechanically it looks as if the bike has not done a lot of mileage, as the speedo only had 968 miles on the clock, but this has been changed already in Canada......Now it is in Kilometres.......

The seat is a cheap replica one, not even a hard Wassell one, it had to come off and replaced by a genuine item, which will have to get restored in UK at Leightons.

The front headlamp was a 7 inch one in chrome, genuine Lucas of course, but it has been replaced by an 575 LUCAS MCH 66 headlamp NOS from the Army. It needs to be chromed now.

The wiring harness had been modified and additional cables put on, it has come off and a New British Made is already there to be mounted by my son.

In the end, it will be nice, as it left the factory, alloy engine side covers have been polished to mirror finish as well as the rear lamp support. It make a big difference already now, although the bike needs more work.

The front fork stanchions as the springs are rusted, still on at the moment, but new parts have been sorted.

i will send you photos of course (have a link on our big collection: our home page