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Brian's BSA A50 Dirt Tracker


Just finished an A50 dirt tracker for the 1952-1967 500ohv/750sv class. Thought you might enjoy some photos. Thanks for all the help!

I made the chassis. I am not entirely happy with it, plan to make a new one in the fall. Pipes also hand made. All of the hidden welds are nearly perfect, all of the visible welds look like they were done by Stevie Wonder.

Tank is trackmaster/sonicweld replica from my buddy Jack at First Klass Glass. Rr fender was hand made by my friend Ken on a WWII vintage pullmax metal forming machine. Connecting Rods are from R&R in Florida. Cam from Megacycle, Ignition is PVL from Ed Valiket as is the cylinder head work. Pistons are JE. Crank is from my friend Greg at Ro-Dy crankshaft. Carbs are 30mm Mikuni. Dual carb head and all of the gaskets/fasteners... are from you guys.

Crank is stock stroke. I made the primary cover. There is a guy in England advertising primary covers similar to what was available in the '60s for what seemed a reasonable cost. Would have used one but I didn't think it would accommodate the PVL ignition. Attached pics show progression CAD, CNC, Final.