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Brian's Triumph Thruxton

Mark, Chelsea (and anyone else who helped me!!)

Received my Hagon shocks for the Thruxton Wednesday and installed them last night. Took a few pics for you to see the comparison from the stock shocks to the Hagons.

The stock shocks looked kinda "large" and I didnt like the chrome body/black spring look. The Hagons look more slim - and also fit in with the mild "retro" touches Ive added (Lucas style turn signals and tail light, old logo rubber tankpads Ive had in my garage for years. I also deleted the air box, the catalytic convertor and installed a 2 into 1 TEC Raider exhaust system.

Im going to take it out today to get used to the ride and see if there are any tweaks I want to make with preload and dampening settings.

Thank you so much for your quick response in straightening out the mixup, Im very pleased with the look and of course the SERVICE!

Thank you again!!