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2014 Halifax Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Video

Hi, I thought you folks might be interested in seeing this. It was a good ride, especially considering that a lot of it took place in Halifax's downtown core. Joe did a great job of keeping the group together and I rode the tail end on the ES2 (which ran perfectly all day long) to keep any stragglers on track.


Forwarded Message:

Hi All, I want to again thank everyone who came out to support this years Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, and the wider support of AVMS (for both the positive feedback and for the formal financial donation). We played our part in raising over $1.6 million dollars.

The ride took place in 258 cities across 57 different countries. And, other than a handful of rain delays, all those rides took place on the same day. As a worldwide event, it was a resounding success, and I just want to thank everyone again for their support. Here is the ride video (sorry for the delay):