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1957 TRW 500 Bobber - The "Gasshopper"

Some photos of the latest TRW project..Mike Herman's Triumph TRW bobber, we've been working on it almost all winter.
He had it in the Vintage display at the Biker bash over the weekend. Start-up day is tomorrow after supper... we'll ether be
cheering or crying.

April 27th - Update Below!

Mike was out tonight and said "Yes, go ahead and put the pics of the bike on the website."
The engine fired up on the second kick and after a bit of adjustment, settled right down to a very nice idle. Throttle
response is good, engine sounds good and tight, no leaks, good oil pressure/circulation, lights etc work fine... all set for the
riding season!!! I'll send the pics again just in case you may have deleted them.

It's a 1957 TRW 500 that Mike Herman and I did up over the course of the winter. The only paint on the machine is the fuel
tank, oil tank and fender, which was done by Wendell Whynott in Liverpoole. Pin striping is by Dave Munroe and the powder
coating (including many of the brass like parts) is by Phillip Troop. Mike and I tackled the mechanical work, the
machining/fabricating/wiring and Adam Burton helped us out with some parts. All those purists out there can stop gasping,
all we started with was part of an engine and a frame. The front end and rear wheel came from a donor XT250 Yamaha.
The bike will be ridden too, not hidden away in someones living room.

 - Bruce