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Bruno's T120R

My cousin bought this brand new T120R. From the Bas-du-fleuve to Montreal to see Pink Floyd in the first concert and even to Schefferville for work. Then passed into the hands of his brother with whom I learned to do mechanics and we demonstrated this motorcycle every winter. I was 14 years old and unable to start the engine, brought back by compression.

In 80 after negotiating its price I paid in working hours. Since that time few millages have been done because I am more interested in refurbishment than in rolling especially since the state of everything that moves and turns was in a state of extreme wear to hear the pistons do ting,ting,ting at idle. Since then, everything has been disassembled, inspected, redone, replaced, calibrated...

The rear cycle part had been modified to lower the front part of the seat and an addition of a high backrest, it was very nice to have full vision in the back and moreover with me in place the cousin could afford wheelies in front of the « Black Spyders » bikers whom we said had only one bike for the gang.

I like flexibility and lightness on a winding road and there is always a way to help out with this kind of mechanics even if we have to play throttle with the cables between the legs or shift without a clutch cable... what adventures we got?

Have a kick start and enjoy this twin sound, I don’t know for you but that give me an hen skin every spring time at that first idle.


PS: As long as I publish a piece of my little story here are a few more photos indicating that this kind of mechanics has no limit to the imagination and that personalization the improvement even the scrupulous restoration brings together a very active community and of very high quality recognizable from all.

And finally, if I have time, an unusual restoration project awaits me in a nearby woodland. I suspect that I need a "poop cart" as an engine!!!