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1976 Triumph T140V Street Tracker Conversion

12/19/2011 Update - Bike has been finished! New photos below

Thought you might like to see what I’m doing with the bike.

It’s a 76 T140V which I’m converting to a Street Tracker loosely based on Gene Romero’s 72 Trackmaster.

The frame has been modified with the oil filler at the fork neck, headstock gussets replaced with ones to look like the trackmaster racing frame and the seat loop modified. All superfluous brackets have been sawn off. I had a box section swing arm made which looks good. The tank, seat and exhausts are one off fabrications.

The ARD magneto conversion I bought from you is on the bike. The engine will be converted to right foot change.

The 1st photo is of the dry build.
The 2nd photo is the latest update with the cycle parts build.

Hope you like it

Best Regard

Here's 2 more of the dry build from the left hand side showing the dirt track slim primary chaincase and the Hurst Airheart rear master cylinder. I’ve used a conical brake pedal, and made a linkage to the master cylinder. The master cylinder is bolted to a new engine plate I made. It looks quite tidy. The footpegs are early oil in frame, spring loaded ones as fitted to the TR6C’s.

December 2011 Update

At last my 76 Streettracker Triumph T140 is finished (more or less).
Started up 2nd kick from full rebuild. Just need to fab up a sidestand and set up carbs, check all nuts and bolts and it's ready to roll.
Hope you like it.


Even More!

Hi Mark,
Glad you like my bike. It looks better in the flesh than the photos!

The frame is the stock 76 T140 frame, delugged and the oil filler cap moved behind the headstock. The gussets at the headstock were removed and new plates welded in their place. I didn't like the look of the stock ones and these look more like trackmaster frames. Steering stops were welded onto the front downtubes. The swing arm is box section made by a guy called Ron Hosell at Warlord MC. Triple clamps are stock T140 but tidied up.

A new right hand engine plate was made to allow fitting of the Airheart rear master cylinder.
The tank, sidepanels, set pan and exhausts were one off fabrications by Nick Pavarani at Competition Fabrications.
The engine is pretty much stock except for the crank which was dynamically balanced and the gearshift was converted to right side shift.

I used the folding footpegs off the OIF TR6 and an early OIF rear brake lever on the left hand side hooked up to the Airheart master cylinder. I am pleased with the look of that.
Of course your ARD magneto timing cover and Joe Hunt Magneto look the business and provides big fat sparks. I fitted an ACK slim flattrack primary chaincase. There is no alternator fitted and no electrics.
The front and back wheels are 19" Morad flanged rims on standard T140 hubs and Duro, Pirelli MT53 replica tyres fitted. These are a bit dissapointing as they are not fat enough.

Thats about it really.
The weather has turned here in the UK; the roads are salted and my bikes are now in hibernation for the winter.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year