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Craig’s 1966 Triumph Chopper

Help save your bike from becoming a crispy critter – keep a fire extinguisher handy in your garage and workshop! A gasoline leak destroyed Craig’s lovely 1966 Triumph chopper in 20 minutes after 24 years of togetherness. Be careful out there!

Craig writes: I attached pics of the chopper, one when it was good and the one after the fire. It's with the insurance company now, but it burned for at least 20 minutes as I had to run up to the house twice for fire extinguishers to put her out. It's only around a tenth of a mile up, but I am 51 now haha. That means I don't trust the frame, or most things metal.

Never had an engine fire before, but you saw what it did to the right carb. Best I can tell is that a fuel line came loose, as I live off of a mountain road out here and it's bumpy. Never had that problem before, but there's always a first. It sucks because I first built her 24 years ago and she was a peach.