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Dave's Bikes

Hi Mark ~

I'm trying to thin the herd and failing miserably at it! It just keeps getting thicker! Under 30 bikes now and trying to hit 20. Just acquired a very early '68 Commando Fastback, and despite it being restored, it required its original Isolastics be replaced. Big job! Had to use a Whitworth chisel to remove them!

I'm a lucky guy to live in Southern California, where winter lasts several hours and the canyons of Santa Monica, Malibu, etc., beckon and lead to PCH. Pic here of me on my '62 Atlas on Mulholland Highway on the way to the Rock Store. Of course, in Los Angeles, while we don't have to shovel snow out of our driveways...we have to shovel currency out of our bank accounts to live here!

All the best,
~ Dave

Here's another you might like, aboard my '54 Gold Star Clubman.

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