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Dave's Triton (Through the Decades)

Attached is a pic of my bike from the mid '80's (I have had it quite a long time and it has taken me all round europe and down to africa too). Pic taken by the Military Road, the SW coast of the island. I hope your folks are still going and so may enjoy! It's never been a cosmetic type show bike, more my learning experience since 1st building it in 1979, when I was 21.

But it goes like snot (when the cam bushes are good!), has been through many incarnations, and has some original engineering. This will be the 1st time that I've replaced the cam bushes, believe it or not, in all those 30 odd years! But it eventually made itself obvious by loosening the intermediate spindle from the crankcase, with resulting racket of the gear flapping about.

That issue was a tricky one to solve (for me at least in the uk, sometimes I look and see a more active engineering approach to british bikes in the US), eventually finding oversize spindles through one of the forums. Is it the same over there? Here, most traditional engineering workshops have vanished, progress I suppose. The buy it, burn it, and throw away culture.

Enuf of my rant as an old fogey, I take the liberty of attaching more pics of the same machine at different times over the years, one of which seems pertinent to your impending snowstorm. After that snowy episode in 1982, I had a message taped to the handlebars in a bag which said "As you have clearly abandoned your bike will you please sell it to me, tel no"

The dirty one is from the trip to Africa, no sophisticated luggage or support vehicles! or comfort!


The Triton in the 80s

Snowed in '82

Dirty and loaded on a roadside in Africa