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Donn's Triumph

Hey Wayne,

We just spoke on the phone, a few minutes ago. I found a photo of my current Triumph. You can see the ARD mag and case with a black plastic cover in place of the original ARD cover. The bike frame was made by Harold Hindall who made frames for Dick Mann, among many other racers in the sixties, seventies and early eighties.

I've ridden the scooter to Seattle to VME meetings (Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiasts) and back; a one hundred mile trip. No problems. Like I said, I made the bike in the early eighties and nobody then had what has come to be known as a street-tracker. I just liked the frame and went from there. The Hindall frames, as you might know, were beautiful, and the welding is unlike any I've ever seen. Hindall built beautiful frames.

Ceriani forks (trimmed), Borrani flat-side rims, Barnes hubs, Magura throttle, Flanders handelbars (shortened), Crocker style tail light and license holder, ribbed rear fender, a real Triumph mid fifties tank modified to fit over the large, Hindall top tube (oil inside), pigskin leather seat, painted (lacquer) and striped by myself (I do that and have since the late fifties) and so on.

The TT pipes are reconfigured to look more like original street pipes, no baffle megaphones, Mega-Cycle 1000 cams, Chantland aluminum barrels, ARD magneto setup, fully balanced, etc. The engine was built by Claude Hammond at Dewey's Cycle Shop in Seattle (a long time ago, it now seems).

Like I said, the oil runs through the frame tubes and the frame is nickel plated and polished (most if not all Hindall frames were nickel plated, though un-polished; it took a while). Honda brakes, rotors, and master cylinder. Bates headlight. Avon Speedmaster Mk II 3.25-19 front tire; Pirelli 4.00-19 (cut for hard clay tracks) in the back. And so on.

Thanks for the help and information. I've bookmarked your address, too. I'll be in touch, soon.
Feel free to use the photo. Again, I'd be pleased to be included with all the other fine bikes.

- Donn

>>>> Click Here for a GIANT photo of this Bike <<<<