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Fred's Photos from Meltdown 2013, Hendersonville, NC

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the email. I did think about going into business when I moved here from England but got into teaching instead! I am now retired! I just work on my own bikes.

Sold my Black Shadow a few years back! Still prefer my Featherbed Nortons on twisty roads, of which there are many here in Western NC. Into off road riding as well as pre 65 trials on a home built Cub powered Sprite framed. Won a class at Barber a few years ago. I am not that good at trials usually though. LOL

Enclosed are some photos from yesterday [April 27th] in Hendersonville. NC. The owner of the Vincent is about to embark on a 12000 mile trip around the perimeter of the US. for charity. Hope he takes some magneto pinions with him I told him to, has a spare one. LOL


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