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Greg's 1973 Triumph Bonneville T140V in Costa Rica

Hi Mark

I found a picture from last year when we were touring around Costa Rica looking for land to build our home on.
The Bonnie is on one of the plots we considered with a pretty view behind.


Editor's note: first photo is from 2012

Bonnie with new brake outside Costa Rican bank. Riding is significantly safer now!

Bonnie on garden balcony, before tear down. Tropical environment for workshop!

In many ways the Bonnie touring I intend to do next year in Costa Rica, is as exciting as the Beemer stuff envisaged in USA, just shorter distances. My son did me a huge favour reawakening this pastime of playing with bikes. I’ll tell him so next Monday, over dinner.

I now have 3 summer riding trips in mind for North America & no idea which order they will be attempted, but I’d reckon 2023/4 will see me in Nova Scotia. Thanks as always for getting stuff to me & take good care in winter wonderland. You’re probably under snow already.

- Greg (November 2022)