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1972 Triumph Bonneville T-120V

Mark, Here is the 72 all finished. Well almost as i still need to pull the cases and restore/ polish them. Many Parts are yours. thanks for your help!!!!!

To the "Car Guys", I had sent out some pictures earlier of my 72 Triumph Bonneville. I didn't think they came out all that well and I am not sure these did either. But you can see things here not visible in the other pictures.

This is a late 72 Bonneville which means it has the better Frame and a 5-speed Transmission. I have painted the Chrome Fenders and put the 'Pedestrian Slicer' on the front fender, and painted the Tank like an early 60's model as I liked the looks of them much better.

I bought it in 2001 and rode it until 2002 when it started running on 1 cylinder intermittently. In the meantime I bought a full dress Kawasaki 1500 cc Vulcan Classic which I started to ride but really missed the excitement of a good ole fashioned 650 Triumph. I started looking around at buying a mid 60's model but did not like the price they are now bringing, so I decided to just make my 72, which is actually a much better bike, into an early mid 60's.

I can assure you that when you Powdercoat the Frame & all other Black Parts; replate or replace every nut, bolt, & washer; rebuild with new connectors and shrink tubing the entire wiring harness; replace all rubber pieces; and paint the bike; you have had it apart. And yes, other than the Powdercoating and the Painting, I did all the work myself.

Hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my many Toys!!!!!!!!!!!!!