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1973 Tiger

Hi guys Just wanted to say thanks for all of your assistance and of course parts support in making this beauty come back to life. She started out pretty rough but ended up a very nice example of a classic Triumph. 5 months of evenings and weekends went into this standing restoration with a few changes to enhance her look.

Being a 72/73 mix 750 with the factory installed racing cam, drum front and conical hubs, I decided to incorporate the 1970 painted fenders and remove the not so nice dish headlight and replace it with a BSA headlight with amp meter (thanks John for that find!). Dave from Redline Norton, a magician for Brit bikes in Vancouver, went through it and made sure everything was done to spec. She's lovely and now sits with my 1970 BSA Starfire. The hardest part is deciding which one to get on.

The only thing I want now is an exhaust that gives me the pop that my BSA has. The true Brit sound.