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1970 Triumph Chopper

New updates to this build will be posted on the bottom of the page

Hey Mark I'm just about done my Trump chopper would like you to see the pics and then if you got time mabie post them so others can c what it looks like. sorry for the inconvenace if i knew how i would just post them myself, but bikes are more important to me than these silly computers never got in to computers as a kid.

But MAN I LOVE OLD BRIT BIKES!!!! fyi the cases and every thing on the bike from frame biuld polish to paint and air brushing were done by me. I havent got it rolling yet got to respoke rearwheel and polish the front so the pic of the rollin bike is the last mock up i'll send you more when done.

THANX again

April 15th 2011 Update Below

Just got the rims all laced up man WHAT A PIAN IN THE........!tires mounted and the bike off the rack!
Man this bikes a looker! so here are 3 more pics ,if you don't mind posting them. Ithink you may need a rag handy for the drool!
I know i did when it roled in to the sunshine to day!!!