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Jim Allen's Custom 1951 Triumph Trophy

1951 “Custom Black” Triumph Trophy TR5 - by Jim Allen

A lot of members will recognise this bike featured on the front cover this year’s HMCCQ Calendar!
Incidentally, I created and produced the artwork for this year, and indeed the 2021 Calendar which is out there on sale now (see advert in the magazine and on the website)

By chance, while collecting a purchase of parts for my Triumph Thunderbird project, I came across a frame, a set of close finned barrels and head, plus a gearbox for this Trophy.
I always wanted a Trophy ever since regularly watching the Fonz ride one in the “Happy Days”

After many months of searching and buying parts at swap meets and around the world, I actually managed to obtain most parts and I completed an “unrestored build”. This consisted of completely assembling the bike and finding every part, nut and bolt etc. to the point where it would run and ride.

Then I stripped it all down again and methodically sketched and/or photographed drawings to aid assembly. This time everything was cleaned up, painted and plated etc. and the whole bike finally put together as you see here. Of course, this was a labour of love – perhaps only bike restores like our bike mad club members would agree!

I’ve called it a “Custom BlacK” because, to start with I wasn’t going to the enormous expense of having the petrol tank side panels chromed. In any case I always seem to want to modify or “improve” the bikes that I restore. This is my way of making a bike that I desire and like. If others like it too, that’s fantastic !

So, details and modifications, deviations from original etc. are as follows:

All gloss black two pack paint, Vinyl stripes and my created stickers on the tank and silver vinyl stripes down the centre of the guards. Even the knee pads are my created stickers!

Alloy rims, 21” front wheel (standard, is 20” and 20” tyres are hard to find)

Has a rev counter as well as the speedo, so twin clocks up front mounted on a custom bracket.

Leather saddle cover. Alloy “racing” control leavers, modified to fit the 1” standard Triumph bars.

Engine is a 500 fitted with new billet con rods and new pistons etc. This engine sports the famous close finned “diecast” barrels and head which were first fitted to the Trophy and Tiger 100 in 1951.

Carbie is a “Premier” concentric – brand new from Amal. I mounted the carbie at 45 degrease because the was absolutely no room under the frame to rout the cables. This means that I had to mount the air filter on the outside and the battery behind, creating a special bracket. Turned out compact and neat.

This is a great bike to ride and in my opinion a great looker !
All in all I’m very pleased with the outcome and am proud of my achievement.

This bike is currently on the market and reluctantly I need to sell because I am downsizing. At the moment I am building a 1950 Triumph Thunderbird (of course, Custom) Custom together with a Triumph Terrier with a 200 Cub engine. Unfortunately, I will only have room for these two and I have to make a hard decision. The Trophy will be missed, however I believe will bring joy to a new owner.

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