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Hi Mark,

Have not spoke to you in a long time, and just wanted to see how things were going. I figured since I have been a long time customer and that you know my bike very well, I figured to send you some photos of my bike.

Pretty much stock except for a few mods (exhausts, mufflers, color, handle bar set up, tires, and now foot-pegs).

Since you have last saw it, I have found the original alloy tank strip and have converted the foot-pegs to rear sets. In doing the rear set conversion I have found a way to preserve the passenger foot-pegs, so I can still ride someone on the back. I have also reversed the gearshift lever so that it is now one up and three down, makes for a quicker shift in my mind and I prefer it to the one down and three up pattern.

So it is basically a cafe racer and I love the riding position.