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John’s 1962 Tiger 110 Fully dressed to go Cruising in the UK

I acquired this machine over 15 years ago from someone who allegedly knew how to restore a Meriden built 650cc Triumph Twin. He (and I) were mistaken! The alternator pushed out 6 volts – the electrics had been converted to 12 volts so full beam was similar to a side light.

The clutch was fitted but not secured with locking washers and so parted company with the gearbox main shaft etc. Etc. The full fairing is an Avon Fairshield with Craven Panniers on the Bathtub authentic accessories of a bygone motorcycling era.

Having bought a 1956 Tiger 100 when I was 17 some 50 years ago, this machine took me back to my childhood of oily breathers, clunking clutches and leaking chain-cases – an apprentice ship in building & rebuilding the alloy super bikes of the day.

Thanks to the British Cycle Supply Company across the pond my Tiger will soon get some TLC to again patrol the leafy glades of Lincolnshire’s roads.

Thanks Chaps!