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John's 1967 Bonneville Project (Update)

I did pick up a basket case … literally, a trailer and pick up truck loaded with parts and totes and a ’67 Bonneville engine and frame. I thought I would share an update on the ’67 Bonneville project.

I have attached some assembly photos for reference, but the project is going well. You will see I removed the engine top end, as this was needed to install the engine. Probably why head and rockers were not tightened. I will be assembling the engine in the next couple of weeks.

I keep having to remember this was supposed to be a “winter” project, but can’t stop. Right now, I am almost at the “roller” stage, once I install the rear wheel. I had some parts powder coated, the front end tubes rebuilt and new brakes and sealed bearings in the rear wheel.

Sold lots of parts, so this has helped finance the project. Still lots of parts left, but the real good stuff is gone. I have the front fender brackets and oil tank at the powder coaters now, so will be installing these in the next few weeks. Hope you enjoy the update, Mark, I appreciate your personal calls and help on parts.

Best regards

See the original basket case photos here
EDIT 08/04/2020: Click here to see the final build