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John's Triumph Powered Sidecar

John sent us GoPro footage of his latest race at the Shannonville Motorsport Park in Ontario.

He writes:

"This is footage of my custom built 650 Triumph Powered Sidecar “The Purple Haze” at SMP in the Pre-1972 (P2) class. Certainly not a 'passenger' who sits there, I am racing here the very nimble and consistently reliable road racer, Holly Varey, as Co-pilot. Co-pilot is what I would consider a far more accurate term for what needs to be done on the rig. She has to move as much mass as possible to the inside of the turns to maximize the available corner speed. This helps keeps the wheels down and limits our slides from getting too wild.

The machine is scratch built from in an early 60's kneeler styling. I use a unit constructed engine, but it is basically a 1959 design, as the Triumph T120 engine debuted that year.

Thanks to British Cycle Supply in Wolfville, Nova Scotia for the support!

Since this is only a heat race to determine grid position, I used it as an engine shakedown. Note that by the third lap, I started to wind the old British steel up past 7000rpm in second and third gears."