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1971 650 Triumph Tiger Bobber

1971 650 Triumph Tiger Bobber oif. The bike is built to show quality.

New parts: Joe hunt magneto, finned and polished primary cover, weld on David Bird Hard tail 1" stretch 0" drop, front and rear tires tubes and strips, front spoolie wheel on a shaved and polished frontend, rear brake, rear conical wheel with speed holes and stainless steel spokes and nipples, seat pivot made by Biltwell, seat and springs, bars, super red metal flake grips made by Galaxy grips, throttle tube and cables and clutch control, foot peg rubbers, kicker and rubber, regulator headlight/ taillight and wiring, and Black paint job: frame, tank, fender. The engine was rebuilt from top to bottom by Parker Performance.

All machine work was done by CMSJR Inc. (Bill Coleman): Hydro Hone, case, heads and rocker boxes (then were polished) Bored .040 and hone, rebuilt rod, rebuilt big rod ends, polished crank. The engine was balanced by House of Balance. All Parts Came from Baxter Cycle :.040 Hepolite pistons and rings, small end bushing and big end bearings, needle bearings, new sludge tube and nut, complete valve job, new clutch plates. Transmission was in great condition, new leaf spring and support, new thrust washer. No short cuts were taken.