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Custom Norton

Hi Mark, I attached some pics for yr webpage, feel free to install.
Some more info re my Norton:

- Suzuki Intruder front fender (almost fits). Tthe steel version of course, as it also acts as a forkbrace (three sheets of rolled steel run across the forklegs, very sturdy)
- 1971 #, but MarkIII 850 frame
- 60 thou over pistons = 778cc
- TT100 K81 tires, made in Japan
- Hayward belt (3 years no trouble)
- 5 plate 850 style Barnett truly dry clutch
- Dyno Dave's clutch rod seal (much needed, as about a thumbnail of gear oil WILL travel across the tunnel per month)
- Kawasaki Widowmaker steering damper
- Suzuki GSX Nissin front caliper + master cylinder, stock disc
- Panasonic dry battery, 20 AH
- 215 watts Sparks 3 phase alternator, 105 watts at idle, more than the stock equipment at 5500 rpm!
- 70 watts halogen head light, LED tail light
- Royal Enfield Bullet rear (gas) shocks, perfect fit at just under 13 inches total length, made in India,
- Vernier isolastics, Norvil head steady, Geroge Sholtz oil filter mount (behind cylinders) + exhaust locknuts
- Black diamond valves, Kibblewhite guides and intake valve stem (nylon) seals (best in the market, they don't slip off or get brittle)
- Polished rockers
- Boyer ignition + Harley single coil, podtronics as part of the Sparkx kit.
- Improved engine venting via rear rocker cover into the oil tank, no need for a check valve, they just clog the system unnecessarily
- Oil pressure gauge most important (as appreciated in Feb 2010, when the anti sump valve drew air and almost wrecked the motor)
- 18 inch rear rim Akront Spanish knockoffs, stainless spokes
- Tomaselli headlight brackets
- 25 liters Aluminum tank , made by a hermit in Ireland ? Came with the bike
- 380 pounds total weight wet
- 46 rear wheel ponies at 7300 rpm, 121 mph flat out top speed
- 51 footpounds max torque at 5500 rpm
- I use straight 50 oil intended for backhoes from Cdn Tire, and use occasionally some slick 50, as it seems to help prolonging the overall ring life
- Norman Hyde rearsets
- Stock 1971 Roadster cam, followers and pushrods
- Stock twin Amals with K&N filter
- Megaton mufflers, but some custom stainless SS type semi high pipes currently under construction, incl "Supertrap" variable backprerssure option. Andrew here takes care of that. With wider diameter headers in place, we should be able to find a few more ponies.
- Stock seat pan, reupholstered by Alix the Italian
- Knurled fancy (rotary) fuel taps
- Atlas type chain guard
- Stainless hardware throughout, incl. wheel axles, spindles

- KK

Because of the huge amount of custom work in this bike,
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