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Kevin's 1967 BSA Spitfire

I’ve attached a few pics of my 1967 Spitfire. The fellow working on the engine is Fred Frederikson, who was my mentor in the restoration and did a fantastic job painting the fiberglass tank and side covers. Fred owned a number of interesting bikes, including a rare Suzuki rotary engine model.

Regrettably, I sold the Spit in 2001...

- Kevin

One last Spitfire picture, one in action – It’s the mid 1980s, the 4-lane highway to Kingsmere Quebec from Ottawa, a beautiful autumn afternoon on a Thanksgiving weekend, my spouse Gloria and I on the Spit, taken by Mickey from a car beside us. “Born To Be Wild” indeed! Use it if you wish.

One last shot that seems to capture the spirit of the Spitfire, taken on a pathway in Gatineau Park outside Ottawa in 1986. The path reminds me of rides on the twisty two-lane through the woods to Calabogie...