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1974 Triumph Trident

Hi Mark, thanks for the info, on the other bike everything went ok so it must have had the correct combination, I bought both these bikes as basket cases so I am having to learn as I go, the first one is 99% done, the seat is out getting the new cover on it, all the cases and carbs have been vaporblasted as that’s my business, the first 74 is all numbers matching and has been restored as stock the 2nd 74 came with an alloy tank, solo seat, twin disc conversion with Grimeca calipers, and LP Williams rear sets so that’s the way I will build it as for the gearbox I have a hoffman bearing that fits the gear so think I will just use it that way, what do you think

some pics attached

some of my other brit bikes include:
so you can see I am a glutton for punishment ha ha

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