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1972 Norton 750 Combat Commando

Hi Sandy,
My name is Max Lambky "Little Max" I've Been a Customer for a Few years. I know how you guys like to get photos of customers Bikes and post them.
I made a video of the restoration Project of my 1972 Norton 750cc combat commando and It`s on youtube. Feel free to Post it to your site telling everyone that the
extra parts came from your warehouse new and used. The youtube site is called "Norton motorcycle by little max" Anyway thank you and all the guys for the
Friendship. P.S. My Dad "Mad Max" Is going to Bonneville salt flats tomorrow with his 3,000cc Vincent Streamliner To try to brake 300MPH I will send Photos of the
Streamliner so you can Post.

Wish us Luck.
Little Max

Share the video with the Guys. Later

Watch the video below, or Click Here to see it on youtube.