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Norton Mercury

Good day, I would like to submit my project bike in you Customer Bikes. Lots of work has gone into her and a lot of money by the last owner and myself. I am still struggling financially to finished my bike, every time I think it’s ready something elts needs to be fixed. I hope you like what I’ve been able to build and hopefully it’ll make it to the summer meets and rallies still this year.

Here we have a Norton Mercury, well that’s what the frames ID# is from. She’s a real bits bike, that’s been passed from owner to another owner, until she finally made her way to me. I then took her to the next level and made her as you see her today. The frame is from a 1968 Mercury, 750cc motor is from a 1965 Atlas and gearbox is form a 1971 Commando. She’s a full nut and bolt rebuild, engine is balanced and blueprinted, belt finial drive, Joe Hunt magneto, updated electronics and many aluminum parts swapped in. I can’t really say she’s finished, but I’m looking forward to put some riding time in soon.