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Mal's Land Speed Vincent

Hey Mark

It ran 166mph on gasoline at Lake Gairdner here in South Australia, 1346cc. The bike has actually gone 185.346mph with its fairing on. That was also at Lake Gairdner in 2016. We have a 2 mile run up, then through the timed mile and a mile to wind down but the track is graded for 9 miles, much the same as Bonneville.

If you do face book we have a page named "Vincent Racing Team" with a lot of photos. A clip of our BIG run is attached. Lots of work to get there.

We have been racing on the salt since 2000. I have been reading about Loring for quite a few years now, sounds like a great place. I have a friend who races there and have seen many photos. You just never know mate, we do plan to get to Bonneville again. I have only ever run the bike on the salt so it would be interesting to see how it goes on an airstrip.

Ok cheers Mark
Regards Mal