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Neil Sidders' Bikes

Just going to throw in a couple pictures from the Car Show in Tulsa last weekend. The car is one I built in highschool and was discovered by Atomic Ranch Customs and restored.

Recapping; The BSA uses a TR5T front fork and I can switch back and forth between the 21 from the TR5T and the original 19 that is original to the bike. It uses a Triumph T100 swing arm and custom ordered Hagon shocks that have worked out really well. Alsoit uses a B50 clutch. The seat is from a 70s Honda SL. Daughter and grandson really like the 441.

The Triumph is a 68 trimmed out as a 67 and I've owned it since 71. I built up this seat a couple years ago using a British Cycle Supply cover and new foam. Throwing the cover in the clothes dryer for about 20 minutes helps immensely in stretching it into place.

Thanks to BCS for being there to help me keep them going.