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Old Coots on Scoots

The other we were visited by some Old Coots on Scoots, and they were kind enough to pose for a few photos.

From the official Old Coots website (

Rather than a motorcycle club, it is more just a group of older riders that enjoy riding and have no desire for any more rules or
regulations in their life. There is no membership committee, there is no electoral body, no officers and there is no special funding or
dues. There are no requirements to attend meetings or mandatory group rides. The one thing we do have, is a real desire to ride...

The Old Coots on Scoots is an Historic Sanctioned Chapter of the AMA, Sanction #6911. It was founded in 1947 by George Harris
Tucker, for the sole purpose of just having fun while riding motorcycles with friends. There are now forty-one active chapters all over
the country, and still growing. All members are Life Time Members, as once you are an Old Coot, you will always be an Old Coot!