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1972 Triumph T100R Daytona

Hello British Cycle Supply,
I have been a customer of yours for a while and I am grateful for all the work you do to keep the British machines running. I have attached photos of my 1972 Triumph T100R Daytona. My first ride on a motorcycle was on the back of my cousin's tuned 1951 Triumph Thunderbird with my father at the controls. I was hooked from a young age! I bought my T100R in 1979 and have been enjoying it ever since. The bike has not been restored and the engine is original. About five years ago I had the gas tank, oil tank, tool box and fenders re-painted. Through the years I have just kept up with the replacement of the rubber bits and general maintenance. This bike is a blast to ride. One of the photos is of my son who hopes someday it will be his.