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Rob's 1962 Triumph Bonneville

Good Morning,

I see that sometimes you feature customer bikes and thought I would show you the bike that I just finished a frame off restoration of, with lots of parts coming from your company.

This is a 1962 Bonneville, which is the last year for pre-unit construction and duplex frames. Kind of a unique bike. It started out as a disaster, with almost no triumph parts left on it anymore. It had an extended front end from some other make, non triumph tank and fenders, wiring that was butchered in a way I have never seen on a poor motorcycle.

The tool box was almost completely rusted to pieces, wrong handlebars, gauges & headlight. In fact, the widow I got her from home was about to have her sent to the scrap yard just to get rid of it. Only thing really good about the bike was that the frame was untouched and the engine matched the frame.

So I slowly collected all the correct parts and set about putting her back to her former glory. I have restored quite a few bikes over the years, but this one is one of my favorites and one that I am extremely proud with how it turned out. She now runs and rides as good as she looks and should have a long life ahead of her.

Attached you will find a pre and post restoration photo. Again, I purchased quite a few parts from you for this rebuild and I appreciate all the help you provided in getting her back to how she should be.


>>>> Click here to see a big picture of this bike [500 kb] <<<<