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Roger's Matchless G15 CS

Thanks, Mark! I'm now set for awhile for the K&N Thin filter for my Matchless G15 CS. I'll attach a photo of the bike. There's a story behind this. My first bike was a 250 BSA. A little humble bike but I was still only 15 and I was stoked. Wheels!

A year later I got a 1961 650 Matchless G12 CS. Now I had some real power and I went nuts. The bike was two years old when I bought it but had been ridden very little. It still had the whiskers on the tires and, although they were knobbies, they showed almost no wear. I then bought a Triumph, which was solely for dirt track racing--TT and flat track--but kept my Matchless.

After going through college and and the Marine Corps I played adult for 35 years and no bikes. When I was approaching 60, I decided it was time for bikes again--a second childhood.

For a year or more I looked around for a G12 CS but couldn't find one. I found the G12 CSR model, a street version, but I never liked that model and wanted the CS Scrambler. Then I found a G15 CS I could restore and I thought close enough. I'm glad I got it because the 750 has a lot more horsepower and torque than the 650. The difference surprised and pleased me.

Anyway, now I have a BSA, a Matchless, and a Triumph and try to pretend I'm 17 again. OK, I'm actually 73 but don't tell anyone.


>>>> Click here to see a big picture of this bike [400 kb] <<<<