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Custom 1972 T120V Bonneville

Hi Mark,
Thought you might find this of interest,

This bike started life as a 1972 T120V Bonneville, after 1000 hrs in the shed i've built this one for myself.
The only thing I haven't altered from stock is the gearbox layshaft.

Kind Regards

Built by Warlord in England.

>>>> See GIANT Pictures of this Bike. Click Here and Here [650kb] <<<<

It would take a week to list everything that i have done after a 1000 hour build, so here is a basic break down.

Type: Triumph Puma Weslake 8valve
Bore: 80mm
Stroke: 89mm
Capacity: 888cc

Twin Amal mark 2, 40mm smooth bore
Compression ratio: 12.5-1

Front: CMA hollow three spoke, 18"-3"
Rear: CMA Hollow three spoke with built in Cush drive, 18"-4"

Front: 110-90-18
Rear: 150-90-18

Front: 13" Disc, Lockheed racing calliper and master cylinder
Rear: 10" Disc, Grimeca racing calliper and Lockheed master cylinder

Gear Box: 5 speed
Primary: RGB belt drive

Final drive:
Gear Box sprocket: 20 teeth
Rear wheel sprocket: 43 teeth
Drive chain: 5/8- ¼ Renold GP

Wheel Base: 54.5"
Dry weight: 325 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 1.5 imp Gal
Oil capacity: 6 imp Pints
Electronics: Digital ignition, total loss battery