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Ross' Custom Triumph

Attention Mark,

I was told you're the person to speak to so I'm hoping I can explain it well and hope you and I can build one more truely Hand Built ride.

Please see the attached pictures, I was fortunate enough to have spoken to and learned from Martin some years ago. He was not only knowledgeable he was honest in his opinion with regards to this industry. He helped me to build a couple of interesting fulfilling bikes. Martin helped me to make this particular bike a battery delete success that won the Rats Hole in Daytona, it was in multiple magazines here in the (US) and across the pond.

Fortunately or unfortunately I have these ideas of how I'd like a bike/frame to look or flow so in my spare time I draw designs that come to mind. My frames are first drawn then blow up to scale then tube is cut/bent in my garage and then finished to what you see in the photos.

I typically like to run all wire through the frames to keep it clean as possible. Please zoom in the only wire you'll see is sparkplugs.


>>>> Click here to see a big picture of these bikes [350 kb] <<<<

>>>> Click here to see a big picture of these bikes [375 kb] <<<<