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Smitty's 1968 Norton Atlas

G'day Mark,

A big thankyou very much for Britcycle parts needed for repair and rebuild of my 1968 Norton Atlas. I have included some photos of the rebuild, they appear out of sequence.

I have been in the garage every night this week, riding season is finally here.

I worked to finish the plug and play parts back on over the weekend, mufflers/headers, oil bath rinsed and battery box were both static waiting. A couple mates helped me roll Norton off the stand tonight.

I will put in a few evenings this week to lube up the engine all over, a few more nuts and bolts to check for pre-start first time since rebuild, hopefully Saturday. Even after priming, the first 10seconds after first start to wait anxiously for the oil return spurt back into the oil bath is heady when it does!

Enjoy the weekend, weather looks beautiful, finally here!

Cheers Smitty