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Todd's 1973 Norton 850 Commando

Hey Mark

Here is my 73 850 Commando I bought in 83. It had a tough life up until then, it had been ridden hard, the motor was blown and it was literally mostly in cardboard boxes. I repaired it and drove it off and on for the next 15 years.

In 2004 I got rear-ended and the insurance company wrote it off. I bought it back and restored it again, and I drove it off and on until 2010 when I developed medical issues and couldn't drive it for 10 years. Then Covid hit and I said it's time... with the help of two guys from the Ottawa Norton club the bike got yet another refresh/upgrade.

I put 2,500 kms on it this summer, it was great to be riding again. I am very grateful for the availability of parts and knowledge thanks to companies like British Cycle.

Thank you
Todd, Ontario