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Some Pics From VintageChop

how do mate

good to chat earlier

heres the scan of the most recent mag ad [300kb]

also a couple of panthers that are either done or ongoing - i have a panther obsession ha, oh ive done a pnther trike too thats sat in the garage but havent any pics to hand - kinda like a servicar

ive also attached the illustration im just finalising for the panther chop with the plunger thought youd get a kick maybe if you are into oddball engined machines, pretty impressed you have heard of panthers to be honest - a lot of my american friends havent - got myself a set of finch springers for it, a plunger rear end will be perfect on there

like i said on the phone - anything you can do would be greatly appreciated
oh - most people call me sumo by the way, just easier filling forms in with my government name

cheers bud