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Bill's Triumph Tiger

Glad you like the bike, Mark. It is a 'working bike.' I prefer the single carb, always have. The many camping trips I've taken with it have been so enjoyable. The big detachable Shoei hard bags do hold a lot of gear or groceries and the Hagons do the job.

You should see what it looks like totally loaded down with camping gear....a little under powered for long interstate runs loaded but still holds its own at 65-70mph, waiting for the back roads exit. The flag on the luggage is the Scottish flag as that is my ancestry. Yes, please use the photo of it in any way you want.

I'm happy that you knew of Arv...I sure do miss him. He tolerated no fools but if you wanted to know how to fix something he'd be happy to tell you. I just did not have the mechanical aptitude that he was born with, but I did try and was constantly trying to do as much myself as I could.

EDITOR'S NOTE: the bike was worked on by the late BCS dealer Avedis Tenkarian.