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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is it better to buy direct from British Cycle Supply Company than from a dealer?

A) As far as price goes, no. Our dealers are our partners. They offer sound advice, service, and installation, and we believe in supporting them, so they are around to assist you when you need help. If your dealer doesn't stock an item, and you are in a hurry, or you do all your own work and find it's easier to order direct, we'll be happy to fill your order from our warehouse.

Q) Why don’t you have a “shopping cart” on your website like so many other companies, so we can just order our parts over the web rather than phoning?

A) At British Cycle Supply, we want to offer old-fashioned service, but to use technology to do it better than in the good old days. We use our website to give out up-to-date information on products we sell, tech tips, events, etc, but feel that British bike repairers, restorers, and riders deserve an experienced parts professional, not just a website, to assist with their parts orders when they are ready to buy. We don’t just take orders- we try to fill requirements the best way, and can often catch errors in an order or suggest a better way to go, many times saving money for the buyer.

We do believe in traditional methods of motorcycle parts distribution and support the local bike shops that help keep British bikes on the road. If you have a shop you work with, please ask them to call our Wholesale Division.

Q) Where can I find prices on your website?

For exact current price and availability by part numbers, just go to our website above ( and click on the red button on the home page and follow the directions, entering part numbers in the correct format, as we do not currently produce any priceguides due to their becoming obsolete immediately due to prices and availability changing constantly.

Q) What is the sales tax?

· NB, NL, NS & PEI: 15% HST
· ON: 13% HST
· Rest of Canada: 5% GST
· Maine: 5.5% (unless we have a current Maine resale certificate on file)
· No sales tax is charged by us anywhere else in the world.

Q) Why can’t you tell me exact shipping charges when I order?

A) Shipping charges are based on weight, dimensions, shipping method, and location. As a volume shipper, we get good prices from various shipping companies, and pass these on to you rather than having a flat rate that may not be to your advantage, or may not allow you use of your choice of shipping methods. You are welcome to request us to call for your OK if the shipping exceeds a specific amount, but this may slow down dispatch of your shipment.

Please tell your salesperson if you wish “cheapest method,” “fastest method,” or “normal,” which is the best combination of speed and price. “Normal” method is generally UPS ground in the USA, Canada Post Air in Canada, and Airmail for cross-border and International shipments, although exceptions may occur for large, high value, or remote area shipments.  If you are in an emergency situation, we can usually offer Overnight and/or Saturday Delivery, but please don’t ask for a price quote on this.

Q) Why can’t you just drop a few items in an envelope for me when all I want to do is buy a few little items? Why is there a minimum size order?

A) The cost of processing a small order is virtually the same as a larger one. No matter what the size, an order has to be:

a) Entered in our system and have a pick slip printed by our salesperson, b) be picked and checked by the picker, c) be checked and packed by our packer, d) be weighed, posted, labelled, entered in the shipping manifest and charged for COD or on a credit card by our shipper, e) invoiced by our office, f) have payment posted to the customer account by our Accounts Receivable Department. In order to pass through Post Office or shipping company machines without jamming and to be large enough to carry a label, we have to use a box or padded envelope, even for a single nut. In addition, we have to pay for the packaging, and the pick up by the shipping company.

For the above reasons, our computer system is set to default to a $10.00 parts total even if the purchase is less than that, and shipping generally costs $7.00 minimum, although there are some exceptions on the $7.00 for very small mail orders.

Q) Are you mail-order only?

A) Orders can be called in for pickup any weekday at either warehouse, to avoid shipping charges, and to allow items to be examined. There is no minimum charge for pickup orders, but exact change or credit card details are asked for. We are very happy to show pick-up customers and warehouse visitors around the warehouse, so you can get an idea of the massive inventory we carry,  but a phone call in advance is always appreciated so we can put on the teapot and have someone free to help.

Q) Why can’t I order directly from the USA warehouse?

A) To avoid duplication and possible confusion, we have all salespeople, office staff, purchasing, and used items in one location. This gives customers one phone number to call, but salespeople can see on our computer network what is in stock in each location. If we are out of stock in one warehouse, we always give the customer the option of having the out-of-stock item delivered from the other warehouse, to avoid backorders.

On your pricelist, some parts have a star(*) next to them. What does it mean?

The * is an indication that the salesperson should look at our database for additional notes on the item when entering an order into our system, and discuss with the customer if needed. For example, in some case the notes would indicate the service tool or additional parts required for installation, in some cases the part only fits certain serial number ranges, and in some cases, it would indicate finish on a part, such as paint, chrome, or if the item is old stock or new production, since NOS parts that were made in the 1960s or 1970s might require repainting or polishing before use on a show bike.