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Instructions for Seat Cover Installation

>> Remove seat from motorcycle; strip off existing cover, trim and clips from seat base; clean off old adhesives, de-rust and paint as necessary.
>> Pull the sides of the seat cover up and place centrally over the seat pad.
>> Pull the cover down firmly at the front of the seat. Fold under the base and hold in position with two clips.
>> Repeat the operations along both sides simultaneously working progressively from front to rear. Trim off surplus material and fit trim strip. Replace seat.

>> Helpful hints: Use rubber or hide hammer. To achieve best results the seat cover must be firmly pulled over the seat base working from front to back. A hair dryer can be used to make the cover softer and easier to stretch.



The seat cover is glued on. The clips hold the fabric to the pan. The fabric trim is even with the bottom of the pan edge.
Below, photos of this process for our #512-824244 seat cover on #511-202 Triumph Twin Seat (1964-1966).