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Installing BCS Forward Controls To 544-Series Custom Frames

Part Number 541-41

The BCS 541-41 Forward Controls, while intended for pre-1971 Triumph 650 unit frames, will work with the BCS dual downtube custom Triumph frames after modifications to the length of the control rods and welding a mounting bracket to the downtubes of the frame. The following is a brief description of the process:

1. Start with the engine in the frame and the exhaust pipes in place, to assure proper clearance of the pipes, control rods and footrests.

2. Cut the existing gearshift lever and drill the rod hole as per the instructions that come with your forward controls.

3. Set up the rear brake linkage as per the instructions that come with the forward controls, except use the existing pivot bolt that your old foot/brake lever used to pivot on and install the new chrome brake linkage adapter (The long flat chrome bar supplied with your kit). Drilling the chrome brake linkage adapter will be required to accommodate the diameter of the old foot/brake bolt. You will notice that the new linkage adapter will be able to float or slide along the pivot bolt shaft. You can drill a small hole in the bolt shaft and cotter-pin the bar securely into place. (Be sure to use a washer in front of the cotter pin.)

4. Next step, go to a welder's shop with the controls and the bike and some clamps. Have the welder/fabricator make a bracket out of three rectangular pieces of steel. This will be a "U" shaped bracket. (Draw a square on a piece of paper and then erase one of the four lines, that's what is meant by "U" shaped) This will be welded to the bottom edge of the small cross tube on the frame right in front of where the forward motor mount tangs are on the downtubes of the BCS frame. The new bracket, when welded into place should allow the mounting bracket tangs of the forward controls to slide over the outside of the new bracket. (The forward controls should be installed with the round footrest bar towards ground and the mounting bracket tangs pointing up with the entire assembly following the angle of the frame.) If this is unclear, don't panic, a quick look at the photo and it will be crystal clear.

5. Once this is in place, you will need to cut (shorten) the threaded linkage rods. Remember, dry fit first! Measure twice, cut once! A hacksaw or die grinder will do the job. You will need to re-tap the threads after making your cuts. And of course bolt on your controls and adjust for fit, for clearance and comfort. REMEMBER: MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE!

6. In case your still having problems visualizing this: sit down beside your bike between the front tire and the exhaust pipes, grab the forward controls by one of the rubber foot pegs with the bracket sticking straight up in the air with the two predrilled bolt holes facing the frame (the two holes along the long edge of the bracket) and the single bolt hole facing the front tire, guide it up against the frame of the bike just in front of the forward motor mount. Now that's where you need to put the "U" shaped bracket and attach your controls.

7. You will need to use a small hardened steel threaded rod to allow the brake linkage to attach to the new forward brake foot pedal. This is to clear the exhaust pipe.

The above pictures are of a custom built from the ground up by James W. using a BCS custom frame.

"I built the Triumph 750 custom on a BCS custom frame with the forward controls. I sold that bike on eBay for $4000.00. I had to so I could finish a Custom Harley Softail that I was building. I still have some pictures of the Triumph (see attached). Sure miss the bike though; it was a lot of fun to ride and own. James W."