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Installation Instructions For 71-7317 
4 Valve High Capacity Triumph Oil Pumps


This oil pump will fit all unit construction Triumph 650 and 750 cc twins, however, the following modifications must be made:

a) Remove the two oil pump mounting studs by locking two nuts together.

b) Install new pump using a greased 71-3910 oil pump gasket, one of 14-7008 allen bolt, one of 14-7007 allen bolt (for certain models, other allen bolts with different T.P.I. are required; please let us know the serial number of your engine when ordering), and two of 60-2417 lock washers. Torque pump allen bolts to 6 foot pounds.

c) Mark inside of timing cover with some grease (or Prussian blue) and note where new, fatter pump is contacting cover. Grind groove in cover with small rotary rasp, close to the inner edge of the timing cover, between the two timing cover screw bosses. The cover is thick enough to handle sufficient grinding to allow the timing cover to sit flush without a gasket. If you don't wish to grind your old cover, a new Triumph timing cover, #71-7318, is available, ready to fit.

d) After a thorough cleanup and the installation of new oil seals where required, reinstall with a timing cover gasket, # 71-7263.

At this time you may wish to replace your original Phillips head screws with an allen bolt kit, available through BCS direct, or through BCS dealers. Individual parts available for these pumps.

Please Note: As incorrect installation of any parts on a
motorcycle can be dangerous and/or expensive, all work should be performed by a qualified mechanic using factory service manuals and tools.